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 How to Play Tutorial

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PostSubject: How to Play Tutorial   How to Play Tutorial Icon_minitimeThu Aug 05, 2010 12:51 am

How to get a Ninja :
1) Enter in the Foum "Ninja Recruitment"
2) Create a poste, and say who ninja you want

How to Play :

1) Create a post on "Training Field" or enter in a "Mission Post"
2) Tell a short history (like... I was running on the forest and i was attack for a ninja)
3) Other ninja will continue the history
4) Each time in the post you will atack you have to roll the dices
5) You have to use the atack of your average attack (on your profile), example : Average Attack - 6.. you will have to use 0-10
6) You can use jutsus if you have (each jutsu cost chakra)
7) The winner of the battle will gain a reward (Ryo and Exp)

Missions :
To do Missions you need a team (Coming Soon)
1) Enter on the Forum "Missions" ON YOUR VILLAGE
2) If your team have a Mission, you will see the post with the name of your Team
3) You will see the requeriments of the mission
4) You will use the Battle System -----------------------------------------------------------------------^
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How to Play Tutorial
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