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Minato Arisato
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Academy Student
Minato Arisato

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PostSubject: Starter   Starter Icon_minitimeSun Aug 22, 2010 4:48 am

Plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would like to change my starter...............
A character from a game i know ......elements : lightning than change to all elements

I want my starter to look lke this: Izanagi (Lightning) 1st stage

Starter 300px-Izanagi

Zio (Lightning)
Does 5-10 damage (no increase) uses 5 chakre

Normal attack 3-7 damage ( No increase) uses 2 hp

Evolve to :Magatsu Izanagi (lightning) 2nd Stage

Starter 1127578-magatsu_izanagi_large

Ziodyne ( Lightning)
Does 7-10 damage ( No Increase ) uses 7 chakra

Brave Blade
Heavy Attack 5-9 damage ( no increase) uses 5 hp

Evolve to : Izanagi No-Okami (all elements) final stage

Starter 360px-P4-Izanagi-no-Okami

Ragnarok ( Fire)
Nefliem ( water)
Phanta Rei ( Wind )
Thunder Reign ( Lightning )
Does severe 8-10 damage ( No increase) uses 10 chakra

Megidolaon ( Almighty ) ( Special )
Does severe 8-10 damage( no increase) uses 10 hp

thats all thx
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