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PostSubject: Saber Nara Bio   Saber Nara Bio Icon_minitimeTue Aug 24, 2010 10:04 pm

Sex: Male
Age: Currently/ 16
D.O.B: June 15th
Element: Currently/ Wind
Ninja Rank : Currently/ Student
Height: 5ft,9inch
Likes: Sleeping, Reading, Looking at swords, Sword Fighting
Dislikes: Being forced into something, Meeting new people, Idiots
Aspirations: To become leader of his clan and prove that Swords are the Ultimate Weapon
Saber Nara is from the clan that has produced some of the keenest minds in the Ninja world, whilst his clan are supreme in medium ranged shadow justus, saber has yet to master one, knowing this Saber took up a sword mastering its use in very short time.
Saber is one of kind in his clan as his ninjustsu is the lowest of them all but in weapon or melee combat he rivals masters easily, and has even developed his own fighting style.
He is seen as a cold hearted person who only cares for the mission in hand, but in actual fact he cares for the well being of his village and comrades deeply, although he stubbornly says he doesn't.
He normally keeps himself to himself and stays out of other peoples way but trouble seems to follow him and he is always kept on his toes by rival ninjas and friends constantly testing his ability.
Although he currently cannot use ninjustsu he can regulate his chakra perfectly which allows him to make his swod feel like an expansion of his arm, this allows him to attack with deadly accuracy and pin point precision.
His current sword is called Hiryuu/飛龍 or Flying Dragon, and its the only item upon him that he doesn't like to use.
Not for Fear of tarnishing the blade, for fear that the battle will end to easily
"Once Hiryuu/飛龍 has been drawn the battle has been concluded"
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Saber Nara Bio
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